July 23-27, 2019
Powell, Wyoming


When is the fair?
July 24-28, 2018
Where is the fair?
At the Park County Fairgrounds, 655 East 5th Street in Powell, Wyoming
How much does it cost to get into the fair?
Tuesday- Free Day!
Wednesday & Thursday- Free until 1 :00 pm;
Senior/Military Pass:$ 3 Wednesday 1 pm to Midnight
Daily Admission Pass:$ 5 per person per day
Weekly Admission Pass: $15 per person
* Youth age 12 & under get in FREE!
Can I park on the fairgrounds?
Yes - inside the 7th Street Entrance.
Daily Vehicle Parking Pass:$ 5 per day per vehicle
Weekly Vehicle Parking Pass: $15 per vehicle
Daily Livestock Trailers:$ 5 per day per trailer
Weekly Livestock Trailers: $15 per vehicle
When is the concert?
Easton Corbin will be in concert on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 7 pm.
When are entries due?
Entries are due at 5 pm on July 5' 2018 except Floriculture and Horticulture
When are livestock due on the grounds?
All youth livestock must be stalled by Tuesday, July 24th at noon.
All open class livestock must be stalled by Wednesday, July 25th at 6 pm.
Livestock can begin arriving on the fairgrounds at 5 pm on Monday, July 23rd•
When are Fair Weigh-Ins?
Market livestock weigh-in will start at 1 pm on Tuesday, July 24th beginning with beef, followed by sheep, goats and swine. All livestock will go across a new digital scale.
When can I reserved a camping site?
Fair camping reservations are available at www.parkcountyfair.com/fair/camping on a first come-first serve basis at 10 am on Thursday, July 5th•
When will premium checks be available?
Premium checks will be mailed by September 1st. They will be made payable to the exhibitor name designated on the entry form and mailed to the address provided by the exhibitor. Premium checks must be redeemed by December 31st to avoid forfeiture.
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